Create a tool in the administrative panel for adding the visa product.

A visa is a complex product that cannot be sold as a single item of goods, a visa is a set of goods and services, as well as a visa and services consist of a set of prices: the consular fee, the price of the provider, the seller’s mark-up.

All three prices are listed as separate items of goods, some of them are subject to VAT, some are not, and all this had to be taken into account.


A constructor has been created for the site Manager through which he can create the necessary set of products for the visa kit (visa type, applicant’s citizenship, document processing, duration of visit), also specify all types of prices (consular fee, provider price + mark-up) and sell it using Woocommerce, which allows you to connect various payment gateways for payment at any time on your own.


Order registration:

To order a visa, a step-by-step visa processing is implemented, in which the applicant or several applicants pass a questionnaire and choose all the necessary services


“Reactive” conditions are made for the order processing steps, which allows you to get all the data in the order on the fly.
As well as saving the session, the user can stop filling it out and return to it later



Convenient constructors were created for the project on vue.js:

— Business card constructor
— Constructor of customer profiles
— The designer of additional services
— Delivery service constructor




With the help of designers, we managed to solve the problem of hundreds of conditions for displaying fields and forms in the checkout process. Because the fields are displayed depending on which country the buyer is going to, what visa they are buying, what citizenship they have, and what services they have chosen. Services, in turn, also depend on the country, type of visa and citizenship. When you hand the prescription in your code would have left more than 100 conditions, all of this can be done by the site Manager, without referring to the programmer.

Другие кейсы:

Доработка сайтов | 2019

Designer of visas and questionnaires for Woocommerce

Доработка сайтов | 2019

Designer of visas and questionnaires for Woocommerce

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