E-learning Subscriptions


Create platform for the language school club subscribers.

Subscribers visit club offline but pay for the subscription online. This process requires to take into account different user flows with the automatic payment for renewal of subscription and user flows moderation.


We've already worked with the client and known about the key functional needs required for the platform. Our solution is based on these key requirements.

Platform has the following key functional needs: 

  • Ability to renew of subscription on credit; 

  • Detailed tracking of subscription renewal history; 

  • The ability to "freeze" a paid subscription;

  • Referral program module for partners;

  • Integration with the Yookassa (recurrent). 


We developed and launched the project, which includes the following modules:

- subscriber's personal account;

- partner module;

- administrator module.  


We organised the systematic approach to registration and renewal of subscriptions by users.

In addition, we developed the renewal system of subscription on credit.

The subscriptions with the payment debt are automatically shown in the interface.


The tracking of subscription payment history with the ability to get receipt in OFD format.


Partner account with the ability to unload data from Timepad. 


Step by step process of the course registration.


We wrote User Documentation which is used in the work.

User Documentation

Manager Documentation

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