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MANU:TEAM — это команда профессионалов, готовых воплотить все Ваши идеи и пожелания в реальность. Мы ценим Вашу уникальность.


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Расскажите нам о вашем проекте, заполнив форму или оставив запрос и мы с вами свяжемся.


Мы проведем интервью и поможем составить технические требования к проекту.


Мы определим сроки, в течение которых сможем выполнить задание качественно и в рамках бюджета.

Процесс разработки

Мы приступаем к выполнению поставленной задачи: от прототипа до готового проекта.


Мы проверяем качество выполненного проекта, исправляем несоответствия и возникающие ошибки.

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    Trust your e-commerce website development to the professionals.
    Our main goal is to improve user experience, increase sales and improve search engine optimization. Your future website will be fully mobile optimized and secure, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
    Contact us for a customized quote and start your project today!
    Enhance your website with AI integration, improving user experience, personalizing content and streamlining processes.
    Artificial Intelligence optimizes your website by providing intelligent search and recommendation features, increasing customer engagement and loyalty such as personalized product recommendations, automated customer support, enhanced security and many other benefits.
    We offer website and web application development with unique design and functionality to suit your needs. Integrating websites with social media, search engines and other platforms, as well as developing server-side applications that you can integrate into WordPress to perform more complex tasks.
    Using modern technologies and frameworks, we will create effective, affordable and attractive web projects for your clients.
    Elementor website builder is becoming more and more popular every day. Why? It's simple - it's easy and intuitive to use, it has a large set of built-in and external features and it's easy to customize.
    Realize your unique vision with a fully customizable website on Elementor
    Extend the capabilities of your WordPress site with various integrations with the APIs of the services and applications you need.
    Seamlessly automate your processes to the maximum, eliminate the human factor and get maximum reliability in the operation of your site.
    Connect any payment gateways you need, popular or more specific and niche, such as Volet, LemonSqueezy, PayTabs, PayPal, Stripe, and any others, to ensure seamless sales on your website.
    Be sure your customers are happy when paying for shopping on your website
    Create a custom checkout page that suits exactly what your customers are looking for. Customize the checkout process to your unique requirements and provide your customers with the most convenient and smooth checkout experience possible, increasing your site's conversions and your overall sales.
    We offer full maintenance of your website, from regular updates and optimization to server administration and caching setup.
    Rest assured that your website is performing at its best and serving its purpose 24 hours and 7 days a week. In addition to ongoing maintenance, we also provide simple website customization as part of our monthly servicing. Your site will always be at the peak of its performance!
    We will help you to set up mail for correct work of correspondence on your site. Order notifications, newsletters, customer support - all this and much more will work exactly as you intended.
    With us you will not miss a single lead!
    Are your customers located in different geographical areas? We can help you set up delivery to the buyer with different parameters you need and order tracking for the convenience of your buyers.
    Let no distance get in the way of your business!
    Attract new clients and increase the loyalty of current ones with the help of a competent system of referral bonuses! Allow your customers to bring new customers to your shop and create a strong base of trusted customers. Increase sales through a flexible discount system customized specifically for your shop.
    Do you want to create an easy-to-manage website with a unique design that distinguishes you from your competitors and makes your brand unique? We will help you realize your unique vision while maintaining one of the most user-friendly website management systems - WordPress
    Do you want to serve unique product bundles, such as customizable gift boxes or special combo offers? We will help you to realize a unique customer experience that will make sure that the customer makes a purchase at your shop, comes back again and recommends it to their loved ones.
    Do you have a mockup or prototype of your dream website in Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, or Canva format? We will implement your design with pixel-perfect accuracy, using best practices, with a focus on UI/UX, the best SEO optimization, and the ability to easily manage your website content.

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