Service for online learning 1-to-1


We had to create an online platform with a set of tools for online learning for a foreign language school.

Education should take place through 1-to-1 video lessons and enable the teacher to provide the student with the necessary educational material online


A set of modules has been created that includes the following functionality:

  • Online video class 1-to-1: video and audio stream, chat, interactive whiteboard, PDF broadcast, synchronized notes, share learning materials;
  • Learning module constructor: creating text and media lessons, creating tests;
  • Ability to choose a tutor and schedule lessons;
  • Tutor scoring module;
  • Subscription payment model (Yookassa).

Below is a video demonstration of some platform modules from a test site.

  1. Creation tests for students:

2. Creation of a training module by the teacher:

3. Online class lesson:

4. Questioning of teachers for scoring:

In total:

We created a service for online lessons. Implementation took several months.

We wrote a user manual for the administrator, teachers and students on how to use the platform. We continue to work in support and updates mode.