Telegram bot for a language school


The client runs a language course and wants his students to have a pocket translator for words. There is already a specially prepared database of phrases, words and examples that are required to be used in a bot. The database contains tens of thousands of records.


We studied the database of words and phrases, identified the problems and features of working with entering words in Portuguese and Russian, and proposed options for user scripts for the telegram bot:

We implemented a backend application for a bot that works with a database of words and implements the process of processing the entered words. It was also required to carry out the process of processing the found phrases and words in order to give beautiful and correct answers to the bot user.

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Additionally, we implemented an administrative panel for the bot, where the administrator can see statistics about the use of the translator bot.

In total:

We have created and published a translator bot and an admin panel on the client’s server. We work in support mode, introducing additional functionality upon request.