Сoupon plugin for absolute-adventure-mexico.com


The tour operator, “Absolute Adventure Mexico,” collaborated with our company to develop a special plugin that automatically applies discount coupons based on the purchase date and tour start date. In this article, we will discuss the key features and advantages of this unique plugin for “Absolute Adventure Mexico.”

Plugin Development:

Our team has developed a special plugin that fully meets the needs of “Absolute Adventure Mexico.” This plugin provides the operator with efficient management of discount programs and offers customers unique deals.

The plugin takes into account time constraints when applying discount coupons, based on the purchase date and tour start date. Thus, “Absolute Adventure Mexico” can flexibly configure discount programs and provide discounts to customers that meet the specified conditions.

The latest update to the plugin introduced global coupon configuration. Now, the tour operator can precisely customize the application of discounts based on specific dates. “Absolute Adventure Mexico” has the flexibility to manage its discount campaigns and offer customers optimal deals.