Paid subscription service for a language school


We had to create a platform for language school club subscribers.

Subscribers visit the club face-to-face, but pay for the subscription online – it requires taking into account various user scenarios with automatic payment for subscription renewal and their moderation.


We have worked with the client before and knew about the key functional
needs required for the platform. When designing, we focused on them.

We described all user processes in bpmn scheme

Main features:

  • Possibility to extend the subscription on credit;
  • Detailed tracking of subscription renewal history;
  • Possibility to “freeze” the paid subscription;
  • Referral program module for partners;
  • Integration with Yookassa (recurrent);
  • Affiliate cabinet with the ability to upload data from Timepad;
  • Tracking the history of subscription payments with the ability to receive an OFD check;
  • Step by step enrollment process.


We have established a systematic approach to registration and renewal of a subscription by users. We worked out a system for renewing a subscription on credit.

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In total:

✨ We have created and published a web service on the client’s server. We work in support mode, introducing additional functionality upon request.

✨ We have compiled user documentation that you can use in your work.

📜 User’s documentation — view
📜 Manager’s documentation — view

✨ For the entire API, swagger documentation was issued