Remote renovation coaching


Company «Moncoach Brico» requested to our studio with the project ‘Online platform to order a remote renovation coaching’. The project has already had the ready design and we had to write technical requirements and carry out the technical implementation.


One of the requirements was the usage of the WordPress Elementor. Taking into account this requirement, we made and adapted the layout for the WordPress Elementor. Additionally, we created our own custom Elementor widgets for the not standard sections. Two types of products are added to the site:

  • The remote coaching service;
  • The renovation tutorial.

We made a mixed cart because users can buy simultaneously the remote coaching service and the renovation tutorial. The tutorial is a complex product that includes a PDF with the instructions, a list of products for the renovation from partners, and video instructions. Taking into account this, we did the required functionality for managing the content in the tutorial editor.

We did a material calculator for the tutorial pages, which allows for calculating materials for the clients’ square meters of area. We integrated Acquiring and Stripe payments for selling the products.

In total: