Custom landing site for a private CMS

The client was developing a private CMS for the members of a hobby club and requested us to develop a landing site for the presentation of this CMS. It was necessary to create a visually appealing website with a large number of animations, but at the same time lightweight, so that it would open quickly and smoothly on all devices

Landing page on

We created a landing page for the client that matches the design. WordPress facilitates content management and updates. Effectively attracting potential customers and showcasing the product.

Landing page on

By leveraging WordPress, we created a dynamic landing page that combines an attractive design, easy content updates, and convenient management.

Personalized Gift Boxes on

Our Woocommerce customization allows you to design unique gift boxes for any occasion, complete with personalized touches and convenient online ordering. Make every gift extraordinary at!

Remote renovation coaching

Company «Moncoach Brico» requested to our studio with the project ‘Online platform to order a remote renovation coaching’. The project has already had the ready design and we had to write technical requirements and carry out the technical implementation.

E-learning courses

We have created E-Commerce website with online courses and webinars based on existing site